Growing superior apples, pears, peaches, apricots and plums (with an emphasis on apples and pears) since 1957

With over 600 acres in the Hudson Valley, Yonder Fruit Farms has 25 full-time employees, growing to as many as 160 during harvest season from September through November. The founders of Yonder Fruit Farms were Joseph and Lenora Chiaro, who purchased the main farm in 1957. Their three sons, Peter, David and William continued the business, which is now operated by Jonathan Chiaro, the third generation of the family involved with Yonder Farms.

  • Yonder packs up to 3,000 bushels of apples daily – and have packed as many as 500,000 bushels in a single year
  • Yonder grows, stores, and packs fruit
  • They start packing in mid-August and finish up in May of the following year
  • PRIMUS-certified and inspected each year and GLOBAL G.A.P. certified to assure ultimate produce safety