New varieties add “monster crunch” and “cool, crisp, & craveable” varieties

In 2013, New York Apple Growers LLC and Cornell University introduced two new apples to the world from trees first planted in 2011.

Because they are so new, a limited number of RubyFrost™ and SnapDragon™ apples are available, primarily in New York State. But, New York Apple Sales makes them available to our customers today, and there should be a more abundant supply by the 2015 harvest.

Formed in 2010, New York Apple Growers, LLC (NYAG) is a grower-owned company with the mission of introducing exclusive, high flavor or unique and innovative apple varieties to the marketplace. The organization is comprised of 145 grower members in the State of New York, representing about 60% of the state’s apple production. New York Apple Sales is a member/participating owner of NYAG

SnapDragon® – The “monster crunch” apple

SnapDragon™with its bright color, snappy texture and bursting flavor, is a favorite among kids. It's long storage and shelf life will be popular with retailers.

Flavor and consistency:
Extra sweet and juicy flavor with a crispy texture.

Eating, recipes, and salads.

Why consumers like it:
Crunch texture is amazing. It has the sweetness of a Honeycrisp.

RubyFrost® – Cool. Crisp. Craveable.

Ruby Frost™ boasts as deep burgundy color and ripens later in the season taking in all the last of summer's rays while feeling the chill of fall. Ultimately, it delivers the classic taste of autumn during the cold and frosty days of winter.

Flavor and consistency:
Crisp texture with a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors.

Eating, baking and salads.

Why consumers like it:
The beautiful rich color, distinctive crisp texture, and delicate balance of sweet and tart flavors make it a uniquely appealing apple for eating and wonderful for baking.